Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doesn't Make Teachers Or Teachers Unions Look Good

How would you like this guy to be the public face of your profession?

A hulking teacher's union honcho whose big mouth got him bounced by cops from an Albany restaurant after he complained his quail was too small was previously reprimanded as a teacher after being accused of brazenly helping test-taking students cheat, officials said today.

Food-lovin' lobbyist Paul Egan was named in a scathing 2000 report by the Department of Education investigator as helping a group of Bronx middle-school students taking a city-wide math exam get the right answers to the test by using "several different methods to cheat."

The then-investigator, Edward Stancik, said Egan while proctoring the 1999 exam "purposely displayed the answers to the first 11 questions by leaving them unguarded on his desk for the students to find," and that he urged students to check individual answers after seeing they had gotten them wrong...

Egan was listed in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records for longest recorded after-dinner speech — a Nov. 19-21, 1988 stem-winder that lasted 34 hours and 16 minutes at University College in Dublin, Ireland.

Interestingly enough, EIA is on the story, and addresses some of Egan's complaints about the restaurant:

Late and rude service? Drinks spilled? Cold and uncooked meals?

Surely not. After all, Marché is a union restaurant, organized by UNITE HERE Local 471 in 2007 through card check, and its members work as “cooks, bakers, kitchen utility workers, servers, bussers, bartenders and bellmen.” Maybe Egan should have demanded to speak to the shop steward.


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