Saturday, December 04, 2010

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...because what can I add to this story?

The Sacramento County District Attorney's Office dropped its case against an Elverta school district superintendent fired over allegations that duct tape was placed over a student's mouth, it was announced Friday.

Elverta Joint Elementary School District Superintendent Elizabeth Golchert was fired last month despite words of support from the student's father.

The father told The Bee that his third-grade son has behavior issues and that he gave Golchert permission to restrain him when necessary.

"Without condoning the conduct, the District Attorney's Office has concluded the facts present a reasonable argument that Golchert believed she was acting within the scope of the authority the father had given her when tape was applied to the child's mouth," according to a news release from the District Attorney's Office.

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High School Tchr said...

A teacher I work with had had it with a loud mouth in class (I also had this student), and so had the rest of the students. He made a deal with the student and the class that if everyone raised their next test scores by one letter grade, the loud mouth had to put duct tape over his mouth for an entire period. And....they did it! LOL!