Friday, December 17, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Day of the School Year

OK, the second-most wonderful, as graduation day is always a lot of fun, but still, it's a pretty fun day.

It's great that the kids bring in snacks and make them available to everyone. Someone comes in to deliver a note from the office? Have a cookie or brownie on your way out. And it doesn't matter how much food they bring--it all gets eaten.

And what about the mountains of snacks, homemade and otherwise, they bring for me? I don't recall giving gifts to teachers when I was in high school, and neither do I remember others' doing so (although I'm sure some must have), so I marvel at the kindness of heart and generosity of spirit that made me take two trips to the car after school today, bags loaded with snackies (including a homemade apple pie) and other things. I've already shared with my neighbors, especially since I am still trying to lose weight.

A graduated student who came back to visit today seemed surprised to see me jotting down a list of who brought me what. "Of course I am, so I can write everyone a thank-you note." He seemed relieved that it wasn't to reward people academically! (I don't recall if he ever gave me a gift!) Saw my air force cadet, too, as well as a few others. It sure can be fun watching people grow up.

It's pretty nice getting the next two weeks off, as well.

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