Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crying Wolf

I've heard this so many times that, just like the villagers, I don't believe it when Peter calls out anymore:

The teaching profession in California is facing a gloomy future, according to a report released Tuesday by the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning.

Massive cuts to education over the past three years have made it difficult for teachers to meet rising expectations and have hurt the state's ability to recruit and prepare new teachers, the report found...

The Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning has also called attention to a projected teacher shortage, which the group says will happen when the economy recovers. Far fewer college graduates are entering teacher credentialing programs at the same time a wave baby boomer teacher retirements is anticipated to hit in the next few years.

I'll believe this so-called shortage exists when I see it. The same was being trumpeted when I first started teaching over 13 years ago--and the doomsday scenario was to happen within a decade!


allen (in Michigan) said...

what else are the folks who depend on the educational status quo supposed to do?

Come up with an answer to that question and you'll find yourself the well-paid darling of the CTA.

The really ironic thing is that this time, maybe, the hollering may be correct because the traditional structure of public education is under attack as it's never been before. But recycled propaganda memes aren't going to stop those changes.

W.R. Chandler said...

It seems like losing half our teaching force is always five years away.

Then five years pass, and they move the goalpost again. I don't get it.

skeneogden said...

I believe this about as much as I believe in man made climate change.