Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Bit Too Much Ego?

Honey, it's not all about you--especially when it's the weather:

The weather led authorities to ban big trucks from driving through the Ile de France region that includes Paris. Lady Gaga's trucks couldn't get to the venue on time, concert venue Bercy stadium said on its Web site...

The diva vented on Twitter, writing that "all 28" of the trucks carrying sets for her elaborate show had been detained. She said had wanted to do a show without the sets, but even sound and power equipment was blocked.

"I am furious and devastated," she wrote, adding that it was "unfair to my fans and to me."

Some people.


MikeAT said...

I blame global warming

scott mccall said...

that's a BS excuse. this is what i do, i do sound and lights for major shows. i've done The Fray, Katy Perry, Mythbusters, BB King, and many other high-name artists. If she wanted to do a show without her set, she could have. All she would have needed to do was use the in-house equipment, or have the house rent from their local professional audio and lighting companies. we do it all the time, and many other theaters/stadiums do to. she just has her ego up her ass.

pseudotsuga said...

She clearly needs to complain to AlGore, rather than the French Government.