Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Appropriate Way To Act?

I get it. You're angry. You feel entitled to have your higher education paid for by others, and you resent it when you have to pay a little more for your own education. I get it.

But is this really going to achieve your goals?

Furious student protesters attacked a car carrying Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, vandalized buildings and battled riot police Thursday as a controversial hike in university fees triggered Britain's worst political violence in years.

In a major security breach, demonstrators set upon the heir to the throne's Rolls Royce as it drove through London's busy West End on its way to a theater. A group of up to 20 struck it with fists, sticks and bottles, breaking a window and splattering the gleaming black vehicle with paint.

Clearly the taxpayer isn't getting his/her money's worth out of you anyway, so they may as well cut you off.


pseudotsuga said...

The big crybabies...but then again, they only want what they feel they deserve, since everybody else before them got it.
Guess Ol' Blighty can't grandfather the tuition status of the current crop of students. Too bad it became unsustainable.

Ellen K said...

They are shocked, shocked, that in most places services cost money to produce. For too long many European countries have had low or no cost college programs that were provided from the tax revenue surplus. Now that there is no surplus, these aging students want the same benefits, but there's simply no one else to tax. You could tax all the richest people in the UK at 100%, and in the end nobody would have anything of value. You cannot simply continue providing services for which you cannot pay. Yet it seems that there are precious few economics students within the rioting crowd.