Saturday, September 25, 2010

And We Wonder Why There Are Problems In Schools

I keep telling you, part of the reason our "schools" aren't doing as well as they used to is because of the culture of the communities and/or families they serve. Exhibit 7,358:

A Florida woman has been arrested on child abuse charges after being caught on video apparently egging on her daughter in a fight with another teenage girl.
I'm sure this girl, and her mother before her, is an Honor Student.


mazenko said...

Right on, brother!

Of course, this means Michelle Rhee and the forces beyond the new one-side expose Waiting for Superman, can only do so much in taking on, and blaming, the teachers' unions and tenure as the source of problems in schools (notably, the bottom 30% of mostly urban schools).

Darren said...

This does not excuse schools from doing what *they* can to improve student education.