Monday, July 19, 2010

Teacher Lies About A Brain Tumor To Take Time Off

This is almost too painful to report:

Police believe Middletown educator Leslie Herneisey, 51, lied about tumors and cancer for more than a decade so she could skip work.

Herneisey began accruing sick leave by allegedly claiming she had a brain tumor, then asked for eight weeks off while she supposedly underwent chemotherapy for an inoperable form of brain cancer.

Oh yes, the zinger at the end is a classic:

The three-time nominee for Pennsylvania's teacher of the year resigned in May and was arrested last week, charged with 12 felony counts of forgery.

Let's repeat: three-time nominee for Pennsylvania's teacher of the year.


Ellen K said...

I have worked with people who DID have cancer. And you know what, after the initial surgery, they showed up except for days after chemo. This is really low.

Anonymous said...

Well, teaching while you are undergoing chemotherapy would look very impressive indeed, especially if she was a good teacher on the days she was in..

The nominations are not that surprising really.