Friday, July 02, 2010

Stem Cells To Help Soldiers

Those of us who have concerns with the use of embryonic stem cells view the situation as akin to one in law--the prosecution shouldn't benefit from evidence that's wrongly gained.

Not all stem cell research is bad in this view, just that which uses embryonic stem cells--which is why I cheer every time I read about about new progress using non-embryonic stem cells. Progress like this:

The US Army has granted UC Davis professor Kent Leach $100,000 for further study of an innovative new medical treatment poised to help injured combatants.

The proposed technique will regrow damaged tissue and bones using stem cells extracted from the patient's own fat.

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As the Instapundit would say, "faster, please."


Anna A said...


Just a minor, technical correction. The cells that are being referred to are Adult Stem Cells, not embroynic.

There has NEVER been any opposition to use of adult stem cells, and they are in fact the only ones to have produced any workable therapy.

Darren said...

That's not a correction, it's my exact point. That's why I support the research mentioned in the linked article.

Anonymous said...

But this research is based on earlier basic research which did use embryonic stem cells. Pretty much ALL the techniques used in stem cell research were first tested and refined using embryonic cells.