Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sounds Like Someone Needed To

Someone needs to "discipline" the student involved, but this teacher is probably not the right person to do so:

The student, who has not been identified, was reportedly in Hajosy's classroom during her study hall period. The incident was sparked when she put her feet on a desk, prompting Hajosy to say, "You know, you're not too big for me to put over my knee and spank," the Hartford Courant reported, citing the arrest affidavit.

The student picked up a bottle of spray glue and sprayed it into the air, at which time Hajosy put his hands on her shoulders, authorities say. A brief scuffle ensued, during which the girl attempted to kick Hajosy; police say he responded by spanking her four times.

After a school resource officer launched an internal investigation, Hajosy was questioned by police. He said, "I screwed up; I need to make it right," the court documents allege.

Hajosy was subsequently arrested and ordered not to have any contact with the student. He was also been suspended from his job, pending the outcome of the investigation.


He definitely lost his cool and now is going to pay a penalty for doing so. That doesn't make the student involved a victim or an angel, though.


MiaZagora said...

I absolutely detest lines that start with "When I was a kid...", but...when I was a kid I would have never even thought of pitching a toddler tantrum with one of my teachers. Also, if my Mom (my parents were divorced) found out I did something like that, she would have marched my butt right down to the school and ASKED them to mete out whatever punishment they deemed appropriate. The girl has some maturity issues. Perhaps she needs to be held back a few years?

Darren said...

And make teachers deal with her longer? No thanks. Let mom homeschool her for awhile.

Ellen K said...

We have kids that are all too aware that their parents threaten to sue over the least little thing. That is why we have nonsense like zero tolerance and ridiculous rules. Until the administrations grow some spines and stand up to parents, and the courts stop allowing them to file frivolous lawsuits, we will continue to see this kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

When the dinosaurs roamed and I was in school, every teacher had a ruler and used it. I don't have personal knowledge that the (1-12)principal applied spankings, but we all thought he did. I do remember significant physical chastisement applied to a (16-yr-old) 8th grade repeat offender - by the math/science teacher/HS sports coach - in the coatroom next to the classroom. It ensured good behavior for all for the next several years.