Saturday, July 03, 2010

Loco In Yokohama

Somehow I stumbled upon this blog of an American teaching in Yokohama, Japan. What an amazing glimpse into a different world. From the homepage:

Welcome to Loco in Yokohama, where content has priority. Loco in Yokohama was started two years ago out of my desire to do three things: share some of the things I have experienced living in Japan, to get back into writing regularly, and to showcase my writing. It remains true to that original vision. This is a blog for readers, written by a New Yorker living in Yokohama 7 years now. (Not much of a New Yorker anymore) So, sit back and settle in and check out some of my stories. You will be happy you did. Ask my readers if you don\'t believe me (-; Sincerely, Loco
Perhaps you'll find it as interesting as I do.

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loco said...

Thanks Darren for the plug! Loco in Yokohama is a labor of love for me so I really appreciate acknowledgement. I hope your readers enjoy my work. I will check out your blog as well!