Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bias, Or Policy?

A private university in Chicago that refuses to host former senior Bush adviser Karl Rove, arguing that welcoming a "political" speaker ahead of the midterm elections could threaten its tax-exempt status, has added an Obama administration appointee to address the student body.

Loyola University Chicago is hosting Eboo Patel, an Obama appointee to the White House interfaith council, next month, calling into question the school's rationale for rejecting Rove's appearance.

"The news that Eboo Patel, an appointee of the Obama administration, will be allowed to speak at Loyola University Chicago, while Karl Rove was essentially barred, is further proof that the (university) administration either has zero understanding of tax law or is unabashedly biased," said Evan Gassman, a spokesman for Young America's Foundation, a conservative outreach group that was sponsoring the Rove speech.

University spokesman Steve Christensen told that the topic of Patel's speech does not have a political motive, which would violate current speaker policy.

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maxutils said...

First, a school that takes tuition money and educates students should not be tax-exempt, regardless of whether it has a religious affiliation or not. Removing that as an excuse would make it easier for them to say, "We don't like Bush and his administration, but we do like Obama, and we hire our speakers accordingly." Nothing wrong with that; it's their school.

Ellen K said...

So if Patel's speech isn't going to have a political bias, what's he going to talk about-perhaps the Cubs chances of winning late in teh season? You know, if people are going to lie to me to my face, I appreciate it if they at least make a viable case.