Saturday, March 06, 2010

Why Was There No Posting Today?

This is the 2nd to last weekend during which teachers get in free at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, so my son, a friend, and I headed over to San Francisco to spend the day. My friend took a real camera, so what I'm posting here are shots from my phone. I hope to get the others on a cd at a later date.

In the Steinhart Aquarium.

Hasn't the hockey stick graph been completely and thoroughly debunked? Why yes, it has :-)

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from near the former artillery emplacements at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Another shot of the Bridge and the Marin Headlands, future home of Starfleet Command Headquarters.

A view from the artillery emplacements towards Alcatraz Island.

Update, 3/7/10: Here are the other pictures I promised--clearly much better than with my cell phone!

click to enlarge, these look good!
Again, from the artillery emplacements.

A nicer shot. You can make out part of Fort Point, a Sumter-like Civil War-era brick fort, under the arch at the south (left) side of the bridge.

A better shot of Fort Point and the bridge over it. The original designs for the bridge called for Fort Point to be demolished. When the designer saw the actual fort, though, he redesigned the south end of the bridge by adding the arch going over the fort, in order to preserve a most interesting piece of history.

I went with my son and my pilot friend, who also sent me this picture he'd taken previously. The SF-Oakland Bay Bridge is in the background, along with the edge of Treasure Island (a former navy base).

Yours truly at the south tower of the bridge, with SF in the background. This was my first time out on the bridge.

A view from Treasure Island on our way home. The arch over Fort Point is clearly visible, as is the south tower.

A view of the City from Treasure Island.


Mr. W said...

the sad thing about the hockey stick graph is that I haven't seen one of the major networks say it has been debunked. So that means most of America still thinks it is valid.

Mike in Texas said...

Great views of The Golden Gate Bridge. The wife and I were there for New Years', wish we would have known about these places.

Darren said...

What was really interesting was how the "host" in the new planetarium kept telling us how "scientifically accurate" everything we were about to see was, how it was informed by the most current scientific research--and we listened to renowned scientist Whoopi Goldberg tell us about star "birth clusters" and actually watched it all happen! Then I saw the hockey stick graph in another part of the building, and I wondered how much of it all was bunk.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Marin headlands that day with a Marine Bio class. Interesting to see were the bunkers in the hill that were made during World War 2 (oh and we did have to point out the algae species we saw too).

Elaine C. said...

... I totally want to go... I heard about it a few weeks ago.

Sadly, though, my Dr. has forbidden driving the 2 hrs up there. Something about having a baby on the 11th. :P What truly makes me sad, though, is that we were JUST there about 3 or so weeks ago, to see the King Tut exhibit across the way. If only I'd known then about the free tickets...

Soon, though. Soon, I shall be up there, and esploring the museum!

Sam said...

lol. That picture shows CO2 concentrations; the hockey stick diagram is about temperatures. But I'm sure an atmospheric chemist such as yourself knew that already.

Darren said...

Some people just don't get it. *sigh*