Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward

Mid-60's today and nary a cloud in the sky, so a friend and I headed over to the arboretum at UC Davis to take a few pictures. Incidentally, how many trees do you see in these pictures?

click to enlarge
I just like this color on plants.

Are these egrets? Or cormorants? I don't know much about birds. But I do know that those are turtles on the edge of the creek behind them.

Close-up of a poppy.

I often refer to Davis as Berkeley-lite, and its well-known nickname is The People's Republic of Davis. Here's a barely-scratching-the-surface reason why:
If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you'll see that the birds have adequately expressed my opinion of the owner of this car and his/her views.

Except for the car, it was a nice way to spend a couple hours this afternoon.


neko said...

Wow! California is so full of hippies that you even have tie-dyed license plates! ^_^

Fritz J. said...

The birds in your picture are not egrets. Egrets are tall wading birds and the ones in your picture are swimming birds. I'm going to guess that the two birds on the left are juvenile cormorants and the two on the right are likely adult cormorants, but I'd need better pictures to say with any certainty. Specifically I think they are Double-breasted Cormorants.

Ellen K said...

I love Spring Break-not too hot, not too cold. Plus with the rain we have had this year, the wildflowers in the Hill Country should be gorgeous. Sure you don't want to come to Texas?
(Yes, just like Colorado natives are obligated to climb every "fourteener" Texans are obligated to make a spring pilgrimage to the cradle of our culture in the Hill Country. It doesn't hurt that South by Southwest is going on. And for that you can look here: