Thursday, March 11, 2010

Health Care, Education--Same Thing, Right?

The health care bill that the Democrats hope to pass by “reconciliation” to
avoid the normal Senatorial voting procedure is now being amended to include the
administration’s Big Grab on federal student loans. If this works, we will have
one bill in which the federal government not only takes primary control of
American health care but also simultaneously takes practical control of American
higher education. link

All of you who voted for President Obama because you thought he was going to be a "transformative" president, because you believed him when he mouthed platitudes to you--is this the change you were hoping for?


ChrisA said...

Darren, I believe this IS the change they were hoping for. It may not be the change the swing vote wanted but anyone left of that is probably not distressed by the actions the administration is taking.

Of course I'm just specularing since I'm not part of the target market. However, I am surrounded by his target market.

Anonymous said...


allen (in Michigan) said...

Of course lefties want explicit, federal control of higher education. They're bewitched by the imperturbable assumption that federal control will be one step shy of "free" higher education.

It's that sense of entitlement which may be the underlying characteristic that differentiates lefties from non-lefties.