Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Yet Another Broken Campaign Pledge

It's one thing to try and fail to do something--say, reform the social security program. It's another to promise something and then renege on that promise.

Watch here to see Barack Obama, on many different occasions, promise that health care reform negotiations would take place on C-SPAN.

Watch here to see another occasion.

Now click here and read the letter from the CEO of C-SPAN, "asking that they (leaders in Congress) please, please open to his cameras the meetings to craft the final consensus version of the gazillion-dollar healthcare bill that President Obama wants so very badly."

And why will this process most certainly not be televised? From the last link above: "Senate Democrat Harry Reid and House Democrat Nancy Pelosi are inclined to finish up the 2,500-plus-page legislation themselves behind closed doors, skipping the usual Senate-House conference committee that would include those pesky Republicans." No one is suggesting that the President is encouraging them to comply with the camera request; on the contrary, there's no evidence at all that he now wants the process to be made public.

Draining the swamp. Hope and change.

More of the same. Business as usual.

Update, 1/7/10: Jack Cafferty on CNN blasts the president for not even trying to keep his campaign promises, especially regarding "transparency" and "openness".

Update, 1/8/10: Even Jon Stewart won't try carry water for the president on this topic (or others)--and the link includes video.

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MikeAT said...

To paraphrase another famous leftist named Joe Stalin, B Hussein Obama thinks pledges are like pie crust, made to be broken.