Friday, January 22, 2010

What Leader?

Guantanamo Bay--not closed one year later. Fail.
No Lobbyists In The Administration--fail
Cap and Trade--still breathing, but hopefully doomed
Stimulus--we could have had 10% unemployment without blowing about $1 trillion, and there's talk of another. Fail.
Cash For Clunkers--fail
Smart Diplomacy, appeasing Iran and Venezuela--fail
Chicago Olympics--fail
Global Warming Conference--fail
Card Check--not raised yet, but keep an eye out
Fairness Doctrine--tip-toeing around the edges, keep an eye out
Transparency In Government--fail
Health Care Reform--still breathing, but seemingly doomed

Virginia Governor's Race--fail
New Jersey Governor's Race--fail
Massachusetts Senate Race--fail

And this guy gives himself a B+?


mazenko said...


Darren said...

On what basis? What good do you see that he's accomplished?

socalmike said...

I was talking to some lefties the other day, and I asked them to tell me ONE THING that he has accomplished since he took office. Crickets. They couldn't think of anything. Exactly.

allen (in Michigan) said...

On the basis of an unwillingness to relinquish self-serving illusions and fond expectations.

Socalmike, there are two areas in which Obama's managed to not make a mess of the situation. Unfortunately for lefties in those two areas he's largely continued Bush policy: Iraq and Afghanistan. So you can see why the lefties you questioned felt a trifle awkward.

C T said...

Talk about grade inflation...

Ellen K said...

Look at the parents of the kids you teach. They would all give their kids an A just for showing up. This is liberalism at its finest, no competition, prizes for everyone and no real discrimination between what is good and what is not.