Monday, January 04, 2010

Update on Climategate

I won't excerpt this piece, I'll just reprint the bio line of the author:

Neil Frank, who holds a Ph.D. from Florida State University in meteorology, was director of the National Hurricane Center (1974–87) and chief meteorologist at KHOU (Channel 11) until his retirement in 2008.


MikeAT said...

You and this weatherman dare question the genius of ALGORE. Just because this man has a Ph.D in meteorology that doesn’t come close to the education of ALGORE. The Bachelor’s in Government from Haaaarvard (say it right) and his year in Vanderbilt Divinity School and year in Vanderbilt Law School should make you worship his brilliance.

All BSing aside, I am astonished Houston’s liberal rag actually let someone write someone challenging the religion of Global Warming. They have been sucking up Global Warming hysteria for at least twelve years and I don’t recall anything challenging it published in the Chronicle

Anonymous said...

Unlike Chief Prophet Al Gore, Neil Frank is an actual scientist. How refreshing.

Anonymous said...

So, not a climatologist? I see..

Ellen K said...

Funny how all of a sudden that the MidWest is having the coldest winter in about ten years how all the scientists are busy backpedaling. But then again, the combination of failure to allow access to raw data, "disappearance" of same data, failure to allow peer review and in general thumbing their collective noses at any semblance to the scientific method has made the IPCC seem more like a grant laundering machine than an academic agency.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile 2009 has come in as the fifth warmest year on record.
Just curious, by what reading of the laws of thermodynamics do you increase the heat trapping gasses of the atmosphere by a third and not warm the earth? I don't see how you can do that.