Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Last Day of Break

This Christmas break sure flew by, and tomorrow I'll have to get up way too early and go back to work. So how am I spending this last day?

1. Washing and ironing my school clothes.
2. Writing thank-you notes to the students who brought me gifts.
3. Thinking of interesting ways to review the semester's material, since the week after this one is finals week.


socalmike said...

You mention that next week is finals week - we have two weeks until finals week (the week of MLK holiday). I am looking forward to the time when the first semester is over before Christmas. Our district is moving that direction in fall 2011. Has your district talked about that? Many districts down here in SoCal have done that, and I think it's a good idea.

Darren said...

We have two weeks left in the first semester; finals week starts a week from now.

Our district wants to do the end-before-Christmas thing, but the schedule they have for doing that has us starting school the first week of August. Going to school in California's Central Valley at any time of August is bad enough, but the beginning of August is just brutal.

I'd worry about the air conditioning bill, but since my room doesn't *get* a/c....

Anonymous said...

Our District finally, after many years or requests, consented to calendering Jan. 4 as the first day of a new semester. I'm excited to have two new classes of Econ. students.


MikeAT said...

Here in Houston the schools don't get back until Tuesday...Monday is a teacher in service day.

Damned, I gotta wait till Tuesday for my school zones. :<(