Saturday, January 02, 2010

It Used To Be Such A Beautiful City

This post, about the author's experience watching the degradation of the once-beautiful San Francisco, is sad indeed.

As we enter the second decade of the 21st Century, I find myself in the City more and more often. I don’t visit the well-maintained spots that still charm tourists, though. Instead, my children’s activities take me to parts of town other than the little Potemkin neighborhoods, neatly preserved for the tourists or the affluent liberals concerned with preserving lovely enclaves for themselves. On these journeys, consistently, I am appalled by what I see. The City has morphed into a crazy combination of anarchy and Leftist totalitarianism, all neatly wrapped into a package called “political correctness.” This matters, not just because we’re witnessing the death of what used to be one of the most beautiful, desirable cities in the world, but because it perfectly represents the American Leftist paradigm. In other words, San Francisco is the future of American Leftism, and it’s a very scary future indeed.
It's a long post--because the lament is so obvious and so deep.


Mrs. Bluebird said...

Thanks for that link - it was long but well worth the read. It should be a warning out there to everyone.

Anonymous said...

And the Speaker of the US House of Representatives comes from this cesspool? ...this vomitorium? ...this festering boil on the rump of humanity?

I would love to see this link circulated nationally so that everyone has those descriptions and the images indelibly etched on their brains come election day. It's time to crush the tiara of Princess Nancy.