Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great Buy At Sam's Club

I ventured out in the rain for awhile and stopped at Sam's Club, where I found some most peculiar pricing on something I've long considered purchasing.

See, a couple Christmases ago I got (from the Discovery Channel Store online) a "free" disk containing 3 episodes of the (4 disk) BBC series Planet Earth. I was impressed and have wanted the whole set, but even today the price for the entire set (4 disks plus a bonus disk of extra footage) was $55 at Sam's Club. However, on a different shelf, the disks were being sold individually for under $5 each.

Not being concerned with the bonus disk and already having the first disk, I purchased the rest of the series for about $16.

If I don't blog for awhile, it's probably because I'm watching the show.

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MikeAT said...

I lucked out at Sams too. I've been looking for a copy of The Shootist for the last few years. I found a three pack of The Shootist, Big Jake and Mcclintock for 8.97. Can't complain.