Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Principal Injured In Food Fight

A high school principal spent Thursday and Friday at home resting after suffering a head injury breaking up a food fight Wednesday in his campus cafeteria...

"The principal intervened and tried to stop some of the major fighting, and was pushed and fell and was hurt," (district board president) Leland said.

Commenters on the article quoted above add more interesting grist for the mill:

There is a total cover up going on here by the WUSD!
The food fight was staged to draw in the campus security and administration so some pre-planned racially and gang based jumps/fights could occur outside on the quad. It was hispanics vs asians. Go to YouTube and type in RCHS fights and you will find multiple videos taken of these pre-arranged fights. The WUSD is in serious trouble and in fact actively covering up these problems. These things have been going on for years there and especially since the new RCHS opened. There have been almost weekly staged and video recorded fights, food fights and fire alarms pulled.
The fact is that the kids are smarter then the administration and RCHS and other schools in the district are totally unsafe as a result. Is it any wonder why private and charter schools are thriving and the WUSD can't get their test scores up or get out of State mandated Program Improvement status? The complete lack of effective leadership in the WUSD is reason #1

I wonder how close to true this comment is?

Some commenters are taking a "kids will be kids" approach, but if such fights are a common occurrence, then the attitude of this commenter seems more in line with my views:

Our prisons are full of "kids will be kids" who received no discipline while growing up.

And why is there no discipline at this school? Partly because there's no discipline at home--because a bunch of mamby-pamby adults have decided that disciplining children is somehow damaging or abusive to them, so it must not be done (outside of the dreaded "time out"). We have a society of people who will protect their own children from any consequence of their actions. We have school districts for whom the coveted ADA (average daily attendance) dollar, not the safety or education of children, is the primary concern.

You couldn't pay me enough to be a school administrator. Too much responsibility and not enough authority. The job is not worth a donk on the head.

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