Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Trivia

The answer to yesterday's question is:
Gene Roddenberry, of course.

Today's question is:
What class of starship was the original series' Enterprise?


MikeAT said...

NCC-1701 the first of the Constitution Class

pseudotsuga said...

That was the Marxist Manifesto clas....hah, I kid!
The Enterprise was a Constitution class starship. I don't remember what happened to the Constitution, though.

Anonymous said...

Galaxy class.

Eric W. said...

Is "Really Big" A class?

allen (in Michigan) said...

It's either a part of the famous-U.S.-Navy-ship's-name class or Galaxy class.

I can't decide whether I want to sneer at Star Trek or reveal that I watched the program way too much so I'll do both.

Steve USMA '85 said...

Dang, you got me on that one. My answer was going to be Essex-class Heavy Cruiser. I see it is actually Constitution. However, I got the Heavy Cruiser part correct.

Glad to see not all of this theme-week are as easy as Gene.

Anonymous said...

Original Enterprise was one of 12 'Constitution Class' starships.


PeggyU said...

I think one of the C's in NCC was for Constitution class.

Darren said...

Wouldn't the USS Constitution be the first Constitution-class ship? Here's what the Memory Alpha wiki says on the topic:
NCC-1700 has never been seen or named in any Star Trek production. The registry number was first seen in "Court Martial" and was associated with a Constitution-class vessel via a schematic in "Datalore". The Star Trek Encyclopedia names this ship the USS Constitution, and states that it is the prototype of the Constitution-class. The Making of Star Trek listed the Constitution as one of fourteen starship names established by the production staff in 1968, but did not identify it by class or registry.

So that's it for Constution, now onto NCC. I've always heard that NCC stands for "naval construction contract", but looking this up at Memory Alpha I learn this is not canon--but might eventually have been:
"A potential Star Trek: Enterprise fifth season episode would have introduced the 'NCC' designation and the teleplay referenced it as 'Naval Construction Contract'."