Sunday, November 22, 2009

Culturally Responsive Math


I've addressed spittle like this before, specifically here and here, and you can read related posts in the Rethinking Schools link at left.

Note that the first link is published by Teachers College at Columbia University, which isn't exactly a place I'd be welcome. At all.


Ellen K said...

You may want to also read the story regarding the intentional indoctrination of education students linked through the headline on this post:

I found this to be very disturbing.

PeggyU said...

Link is missing ;)

Darren said...

It's the first link.

PeggyU said...

Ok. You know, this pisses me off. I've always felt that educators should attempt to leave their political/religious/whatever agendas at the door and not view the classroom as platforms to indoctrinate students. At least with math, this should be fairly easy to accomplish (and a history teacher can be somewhat forgiven for displaying some bias, since it would be hard to avoid).

I have had quite a few opportunities to proselytize my beliefs, and I have refrained out of a feeling that it wasn't my place to do so. Part of me wonders whether I should, considering what is at stake. As it stands, I only offer my views to students when off the clock and when asked. No, I don't think I could bring myself to behave like that.