Friday, November 13, 2009

Budget Deficits

The Wall Street Journal Online reports:

The federal government kicked off fiscal year 2010 by posting its widest-ever October budget deficit, the Treasury Department said Thursday.

The $176.36 billion gap is more than $20 billion wider than the shortfall recorded in October 2008, driven up by lower tax receipts, stimulus-related revenue reductions and consistently high government outlays.

Treasury's monthly budget statement shows receipts were $135.33 billion in October, down 18% from a year earlier and at the lowest level since October 2002. Meanwhile, outlays were $311.69 billion, down 3% from a year earlier and at their second-highest monthly level on record.

The October deficit figure is wider than the Congressional Budget Office's estimate for a $175 billion deficit in the month and wider than the $165.9 billion expected by analysts surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires...

The staggering number has had U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner pledging to rein in the deficit as the nation's economy recovers.

Hot Air offers some insightful commentary:

What better way to kick off Barack Obama’s first full budget year as President than with a deficit that exceeded the White House’s own projections as well as analysts’ expectations? The federal government busted the budget worse than last October by $20 billion with a deficit of $176.36 billion for the month. That used to be considered a decent deficit target … for an entire year.

Of course, to lefties, this is all George Bush's fault.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone prove that Tim Geithner was not the inspiration for the character Timmy on South Park?

Ellen K said...

I may have heard this wrong, but the economics teacher said that the deficit just for this October was as much as the Bush administration had for the whole of 2007. If so, then we are in huge doodoo indeedy.

Anonymous said...