Thursday, June 11, 2009

You've Got To Love A Headline Like This

Business groups dare Obama to limit pay for union bosses

Corporation CEOs, whose companies actually produce something and benefit the economy, are "greedy". Unions, which are nothing more than parasites that produce nothing--well, they're beneficial!

At the Surrender at Yorktown, Cornwallis' men played The World Turned Upside Down. I need to find an mp3 of this music, as it is emblematic of our current administration.


Anonymous said...

When government funds are used to bail out unions that will be an excellent idea.

David said...

Let's aso talk about the pay levels for...

--politicians--who may not get that much while they are in office, but make up for it later with lobbying, speaking, and "consulting" activities

Darren said...

Anonymous, what do you think is going on with the car industry?