Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Value of a Teacher to the NEA

Are you an NEA member? Do you think the NEA cares one whit about you, except for the money you send them?

NEA was willing to spend $3 million to support doomed ballot initiatives in California, but it is prepared to throw 650 disabled teachers under the bus, while pretending no one at any level of their union had anything to do with it. NEA and ISTA are playing chicken with Indiana’s taxpayers, in the hope that the state’s citizens will keep these teachers fed and housed while the unions continue their normal activities, like suing the state.

That's some audacity, isn't it?

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mazenko said...

All I needed to learn was that the NEA president pulls in $500,000/yr. That did it for me. Though, as we've noted, I still support locals and collective bargaining.