Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Trivia

The answer to yesterday's question is:
Ohio's, which is shaped somewhat like a pennant.

Today's question is:
In what year did the current Queen Elizabeth become queen?


PeggyU said...

I think that was 1959.

Fritz J. said...

I think 1952, but it could have been 1951. I remember her coronation was in 1952 because of where we were living at the time, but she would have assumed the throne when her father died and I am not sure of the date of that. I think he died in early 1952, but it might have been very late 1951. I was nine at the time of her coronation and remember seeing newsreels of it at the movies. As I recall, her coronation was shortly after school was out for summer vacation, like maybe June. I'll check back this evening and see if I'm right.

Fritz J. said...

What can I say? I got the correct answer, but it was a total accident. I would have been willing to bet that Elizabeth's coronation was 1952 and was going by remembering a movie, the newsreels shown with the movie, and where we lived at the time. Anyhow, after seeing your answer I looked up the movie, "Shane," and found it was released in April, 1953. Shortly after school was out in 1953 we moved, so it left little time for the coronation to take place and still see the movie in the theater that I remember seeing it in. That said, checking on the coronation date, June 2, shows that there was just barely time to do so. End result? I guess that one can't depend on one's childhood memories to be perfectly accurate.

Off topic, and for what its worth, a few years back "Shane" was shown on television. My impression of it as an adult is that it was not nearly as good as I remembered it as a child. The reason I remembered the newsreel is that my parent and I discussed the carriage Queen Elizabeth used and that such a carriage would have seemed more appropriate to the time the movie was set in. Actually, my parents thought the carriage was a nice piece of tradition whereas I thought it was old-fashioned.