Friday, June 19, 2009

So You Say You Want A Vegetarian Revolution

A former student, who has not figured out how to email me based on the information in my profile :-) , has sent this link to me, along with some good commentary which I've paraphrased:

The granddaughter of Cuban revolutionary leader Ernesto "Che" Guevara is at the forefront of another revolution — for vegetarianism.

Lydia Guevara poses semi-nude in a PETA campaign that tells viewers to "join the vegetarian revolution," said PETA spokesman Michael McGraw.

The bandoliers of baby carrots she sports in the picture are a nice touch. Nothing says "don't kill animals" like the evoking the memory of the man who said "A revolution must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate."

I used to worry about PETA. I used to think they might influence others. But they've gone so far beyond the line so many times that few, if anyone, take them seriously anymore. I used to think that we shouldn't discuss things like this ad, that it only gives them the attention they seek. I used to think that we should treat them akin to internet trolls, i.e. don't feed them. But now I'm more enlightened. Now I see they're just comical, pathetic in a way. Bandoliers of carrots? Really?

Do they really think President Obama was just acting instinctively but really shouldn't have swatted a fly, or is that more "beyond the line" posturing to make their point? Hard to say, because the only point they make is "we're idiots"--and they're hypocrites, too, given that PETA regularly kills shelter animals.


allen (in Michigan) said...

I understand Josef Stalin's daughter is alive. Maybe she'd be interested in playing off her father's name as part of PETA's increasingly frantic attempts to avoid becoming a curious relic of the past.

If you're going to mine the past for associations with mass-murdering psychopaths they don't come any better the ol' Joe Stalin.

Ellen K said...

PETA and other vegan groups still don't address the need for nutrient dense proteins in diets. It's essential for developing babies and lack can and does cause brain underdevelopment. While beans, tofu and such do provide protein, you would have to eat pounds of the stuff to equal what you can get in a piece of chicken, fish or beef. And I am still not getting how removing meat from our diet is animal friendly because I just don't see anyone in a Soho loft offering to keep a cow just because they like them.

Darren said...

The "cow in a loft" image will probably be my belly laugh for the day.