Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is There A Teacher Shortage In California, Or Not?

On page 23 of California Educator magazine we get this quote: "No wonder school districts are finding it hard to recruit and retain teachers in California." Is that true? On page 4, in Si Se Puede's column we read, "More than 27,000 teachers, counselors, nurses and education support professionals have already received layoff notices, and with these additional budget cuts more layoffs are expected." The article on page 24 is about protesting teaching position cuts on May 13th, California's Day of the Teacher.

How can we have trouble finding teachers when we're busy laying them off? If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times: consistency is not the strong suit of the left.

Update: But don't worry. Layoffs or not, CTA is raising your dues $22 this year (we read this on page 31). NEA dues are going up, too.


Pomoprophet said...

well i know I applied to over 60 positions. And each position I actually got an interview for, the said over 100 people were applying for ONE opening! They have a shortage of math and science teachers to work in the ghetto. That doesnt mean theres a real shortage.

I finally got a job but its as an independent study teacher at a charter school. its not even a classroom position!

PeggyU said...

I thought this article might interest you.