Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How Would You Like To Have This School Principal?

A 'bullying' head teacher (principal) who spent more than 10 minutes finishing her lunch as a pupil lay writhing in agony with a broken leg avoided a ban today...

The teacher told the hearing that, with hindsight, when the pupil broke his leg in May 2005 she should have phoned for an ambulance.

But she added: 'There is so much you can do in hindsight and it is something I would like to take forward.'

She said she understood that 'the role of headship is no longer open to me', but added:'I still feel I have a lot to offer the teaching profession.

The role of headship is no longer open? Gee, you think? Go read more about this saint of a boss.


Ellen K said...

While I am not a proponent of the class action style of litigation, this is a cause that should require an investigation. We had a principal like that in my children's school. When my son's coat was stolen in the middle of winter during an economic downturn, she tried to paddle him for having his coat stolen and then came out to the parking lot to rant at me. I called the superintendent and lodged a formal complaint. But don't you know, she was never fired, just moved to another Assistant Principal position.

allen (in Michigan) said...

I'm thinkin' her career as a head teacher may be coming to an end but she should be able to slip neatly into a career as a dominatrix.