Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eventually People Will Realize He's Just A Liar

This President has already done more flip-flops than John Kerry.

Update: Hypocrite, too.


Patriot said...

It's just gonna kill you that he'll never match Bush's 22% approval rating.

Darren said...

Go ahead, stand by your man. Go down with him.

Anonymous said...

Notice that Patriot completely avoided the topic at hand, which is elitism at its finest-- the kind of elitism that actually kills people.

Anything to say about that, friend? No? It's okay.. I wouldn't have a response either.

MikeAT said...


I looked at the article you linked to and it had an interesting point:

“Views of Mr. Bush's popularity are highly partisan. Only 6 percent of Democrats approve of the job he has done as president, while 57 percent of Republicans approve. Eighteen percent of independents approve.”

Question. Did the objective CBS and NY Times load the survey sample with leftist? I mean they wouldn’t pull the same act on it like they did last week with ObamaCare:

“New York Times Poll Showing 72% Support for Obama's Health Care Plan Was Stacked With Obama Supporters
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
By Christopher Neefus

( - A New York Times/CBS News poll released Saturday that showed broad bipartisan support for President Obama’s health care reform, over-sampled Obama voters compared to McCain voters, critics say.

The poll, administered June 12-16, found that 72 percent of respondents favored the creation of a government health-insurance plan that would compete with private insurers.….

Out of 895 respondents, 24 percent were Republicans, 38 percent Democrats, and 38 percent were independents, according to a June 20 release from CBS News. While the release says the sampling was conducted at random, those numbers are significantly below the 32.6 percent who identify themselves as Republican according to a May survey from the nonpartisan Rasmussen Reports.

Similarly, the Times/CBS poll said 48 percent of respondents had voted for Obama, versus 25 percent for McCain, a nearly two-to-one advantage for Obama supporters.

Had those results been reflected in the November presidential election, Obama would have garnered 66 percent of the vote to McCain’s 34 percent, Conway, president & CEO of “the polling company,” told”

I mean, I am shocked, shocked it’s this may happen. It was only five years ago when Dan Rather tried to pull the election to John Kerry (who by the way served in Vietnam) with a pack of bold faced lies on Bush’s Air National Guard service. And I know the NY Times is absolutely main stream…it’s “news” pages and its “editorial” pages (I know, no difference but go with me!) hasn’t endorsed a Republican since 1956 (The did like Ike).

Forgive me, but the NY Times was once a great paper and CBS news was once trusted enough to take down Lyndon Johnson. For people like you (i.e. idiots), Walter Cronkite said on CBS News after the Tet Offensive on February 27, 1968, "We have been too often disappointed by the optimism of the American leaders, both in Vietnam and Washington, to have faith any longer in the silver linings they find in the darkest clouds" and added that, "we are mired in a stalemate that could only be ended by negotiation, not victory." Johnson reportedly said, “"If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost Middle America." Arguably, LBJ did.

I take this crap from CBS/NBC as that, crap. I voted for Bush twice, I have more than a few disagreements with some things he’s done (e.g. not finding his veto pen until 2006, the prescription drug disaster, the amnesty bill of 2006) but his leadership after 911, the war on terror and handling of the economy (until August 2008) were excellent. And a good view of a president’s service takes a few years to allow passions to cool and look at his actions with a broader perspective. Examples. Harry Truman was almost run out of office in January 1953. He is now looked as one of our greater presidents. On the other side, John Kennedy was martyred in November 1963 and some wanted his face on Mount Rushmore. As time goes by, people look back and say he was not a bad president but not a great one. On a more recent occurrence, Ronald Reagan was looked as an amiable dunce in January 1989 by the “smart people”. Both the American people and even the idiots of the academy look upon the man as a great president.

Get a clue Patriot.

Ellen K said...

On the other hand, I am sure that Congress' dismal and lower approval rating is just fine for the liberals? How does that translate into votes?