Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Coloreds Only"

Elk Grove Unified will stop its controversial practice of separating students by race for rallies designed to pump them up before they take state exams.

It took the threat of a lawsuit to get them to stop this crap.

That loser Eric Holder thinks we Americans are cowards because we are afraid to talk about race. The CTA's mouthpiece rag has published several articles about how we don't talk about race in education.

I think we talk about race too darned much. And we all know why it's done--because it advantages certain people, aka "race pimps", to keep talking about it.

Well, having race-based rallies is a logical extension when we keep talking about race. Segregation is what happens when you filter everything through the lens of race. This 1940's mentality will not go away as long as we keep worshiping at the altar of race.

Race-based rallies. In 2009. And someone thought that was a good idea. Uh, the "coloreds only" drinking fountain is over there, dude.


allen (in Michigan) said...

This is the idiotic outgrowth of the sort of "good" racial discrimination that's been practiced at colleges for a couple of decades. Thankfully, those nasty results of the appropriation of the civil rights movement by the left are starting to fall apart seeing as how they have nothing to offer other then racial exclusivity. In an increasingly race-indifferent society the value of racial exclusivity will only drop.

Anonymous said...

How were the students identified? What if a student was both/and instead of either/or?

maxutils said...

They went to the 'halfbreed rally' . . . .

maxutils said...

jeez, I was kidding, alright?