Friday, November 14, 2008

The Tolerance of the Left, Higher Education Version

I think that some people are either blissfully ignorant, or choose not to recognize, how toxic so many of our universities have become:

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that an 18-year-old freshman at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Annie Grossman, was assaulted by four young women on election night. The attackers called Grossman a "racist" because she was wearing a McCain/Palin button. Grossman was diagnosed with blurred vision and a concussion...

Bruce Grossmann said a "PETA person" had to be removed from her dorm room because he was upset by a photo of her with a black bear she had shot. Also, he said, she attended an icebreaker on campus and was booed when she identified herself as a Republican.

This is not an isolated case. It may not be systemic, but it's certainly widespread.

I'd like to believe that the story above is a hoax, but it doesn't bear any of the hallmarks of hoaxes.


mazenko said...

This is a horrible story, though I wouldn't limit it to the Left. There are extreme people in America of all distinctions, and no ideology has a monopoly on nutcases. Recent reports of racist plots to kill minorities and then Obama, a KKK initiation gone awry in Louisiana, racially-motivated attacks in "liberal" Boulder, Colorado, and the anniversary of the slaying of Matthew Shepherd in Wyoming are all reminders of the dangers of close-minded ideology and extremism.

For all we've accomplished, we still have so far to go. How sad.

KauaiMark said...

Interesting factoid: the town of Liberal, Kansas voted 79% McCain in the elections

(I would have emailed this, but you don't have a public email addr)

Darren said...

My email is listed in my profile, albeit not directly--don't want even more spammers coming after me!

allen (in Michigan) said...

> This is a horrible story, though I wouldn't limit it to the Left.

I would. The history of the political left in the previous century was so blood-drenched that it wouldn't be unfair to suppose that the purpose of leftwing political thought was to justify wholesale slaughter of human beings.

Suffering under the brutally repressive rule of law, American lefties are unable to express their natural superiority by doing away with the inferiors that infest their world as their fellow travelers have commonly done in nations without such repression.

Lucky us.

Anonymous said...

Two relevant follow-up articles:

Eighth Grade Student Ridiculed for Wearing "McCain Girl" T-Shirt


Why Secular Progressives Adopt Lib Values.

Donalbain said...

Who mentions that they are a republican or a democrat at an icebreaker? It isnt among the first few things I want to know about someone.

Ellen K said...

I think it is a bullying mentality and it has seeped into our schools. The day after the election there were several fights at our school. Conservative teachers are sniped at by students and peers alike. It is a very hostile environment and frankly they can point fingers all they like but the first time I saw such venomous attacks was from the Daily Kos and Heck, even the NYT was fooled by an attack on Palin that was totally a hoax cooked up by liberals who knew that some of their fellows would buy anything that supported their liberal views. As someone who has just become the sole wage earner in our household thanks to the way the media has driven down the economy to support their candidate, I am bitter and angry and I don't think I am alone in this.