Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sour Grapes, Miscommunication, or Bad Spin?

The way this is written, it sounds like the soon-to-be-former Congressman needs to grow up a little bit.

The presidential transfer of power may be going swimmingly, but things are not so smooth in Pennsylvania's 3rd Congressional District. That's where Rep. Phil English, a Republican who has represented the Erie area since 1994, lost his reelection bid to Democratic challenger Kathy Dahlkemper. And he seems to be taking it hard.

This week, English shuttered his offices and has been turning away constituent work, even though he and his staff remain on the federal payroll until January. English closed up shop before he could finish one of his most important December constituent duties: interviewing and recommending candidates for the military service academies.

Anxious and angry parents of high school seniors have been calling Dahlkemper's campaign office asking for help getting their children's applications processed. The families "were in a bit of a panic because evidently Congressman English's office sent back their applications," said Tina Mengine, Dahlkemper's campaign manager. "For these kids, this is their future."

English spokeswoman Julia Wanzco said her boss has "ceased all casework because we're going to have limited access to federal resources." Beginning Dec. 1, English will work out of a "cubbyhole" with access to just one computer, phone line and printer, Wanzco said, adding that other departing lawmakers will have similar accommodations during the transition.

I do hope there's more to this story that was reported at the link above.


Carson said...

Thank God Lungren got reelected.

Ellen K said...

Frankly it does look like sour grapes. But then again, I am not sure if the military academies accept recommendations from lame duck bureaucrats anyway. I have a student who is trying to get into the Air Force Academy and she's pulling out all stops. I can't even imagine what these kids and parents are going through. What a shame that these adults can't manage to rise above their campaigns.