Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pathetic Parents Ruin Kids' Thanksgiving Feast

From Joanne Jacobs' site:

Little kids dressed up as Indians and Pilgrims drew protesters and police in Claremont, California, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Joanne says it best:

Massassoit and the Pilgrims kept the peace until the first generation of leaders died. Then things went bad. Can’t we celebrate the good parts of American history any more?
I'm sure that to many of our history teachers, there are no good parts of American history.


Ellen K said...

It's just another attempt to rewrite history with everything bad being from Europe and everything good being from native peoples. I guess they just skipped the part where tribes would kill all males of opposing tribes and take their wives and children as slaves. I guess they ignored the various cultural situations that existed before Europeans even set foot here. Instead they like to support the theories of conspiracy back even into things like "pox blankets" being used to spread disease. Does anyone know what the death toll was for Europeans from these same ailments? My mom has three siblings who died of typhoid before their fourth birthdays. So who should she sue?

allen (in Michigan) said...

The venue's incidental.

This could just as easily have been the name of a football team or some other inconsequential factor that has to be blown up into a major confrontation. The needs of people with too much time on their hands and a lifetime of assurance that self-indulgence is a *good* thing too feel they've struck a blow for truth and/or justice, that they're relevant to resurrect a somewhat dated cliche, shouldn't be underestimated.

dzbuddy said...

On a note related to the parent post, I read somewhere that a good part of the reason the Pilgrims had such a rough start was that their religious dogma caused them to establish communal agricultural practice when they came to the new land. Socialism it thus turns out, has a long history of failure.

The Pilgrims, having been thus educated in the practical inadequacies of socialism, gave it up and weren't again troubled by food shortages the insights of Dr. Malthus not withstanding.