Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Ironic Words of the CTA President

From the president's column in the October 2008 issue of California Educator, the mouthpiece rag of the CTA:

The partisan approach that government has taken over the years has only served to divide us. If politicians are not going to solve the budget problem for public education--we will. Public education should not be a party issue. It should be a community issue.

How CTA organizes from here forward is going to be of major importance.

CTA supports Barack Obama for President.

As I look through the list of names for their recommendations for the House of Representatives, I don't recognize a single one who is Republican (party affiliations are not listed in the recommendations). The list includes Bill Durston, Charlie Brown, Doris Matsui, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Lee, Henry Waxman, Maxine Waters, Jane Harman, and Loretta Sanchez. There is a similar leftward slant on their recommendations for state senate and state assembly.

So much for not approving of that "partisan approach to government", eh, David Sanchez?


Anonymous said...

Whenever I read one of Comrade Sanchez' commentaries in the "Communist Educator" I get the feeling he wishes that Che Gueverra's picture could be right up next to his.

The so-called leadership nauseates me with the financial negative feedback loop they have created. I teach manufacturing technology and machining at Bakersfield College. The CTA endorses legislators, all who promise to create more jobs and "look out for the worker and mother earth". In so doing, they create outrageous regulations that drive industry out of the state or out of business. In essence, the CTA works against me (one of my many reasons for wanting to get out).

Speaking of Comrade Sanchez, the title of his commentary, "Si Se Puede... blah blah blah," always makes me wince. Bakersfield is in Kern County, birthplace of the UFW whose slogan is "Si Se Puede". Several years ago the workers at Guy Chaddock & Co, a local wood furniture manufacturer, decided to organize under the UFW. A couple of months later there was a strike over a the shortening of a breaktime for a few of the workers and subsequently, Guy Chaddock relocated heir 100 or so manufacturing jobs to North Carolina. Thank you UFW/AFL-CIO for making such a difference in our community!

Ellen K said...

And this surprises you why?
Just wait until Obama's friends in Chicago push through the bill that allows the unions know who is voting them down. I am sure that will make for harmonious workplaces. All we need is prohibition and pin striped suits and we can just relive that 1930's...

Anonymous said...

The change in CTA sponsored legislation since I first joined in 1993 is amazing. Back then, CTA was always sponsoring bills to increase retirement benefits, etc... I used to rationalize, "Well, my local isn't doing much, but I can see my dues are being put to use at the state level."

Now, my local isn't doing anything, nor is anything being done for teachers at the state level. Why pay dues? Everybody says, "I don't mind supporting my local bargaining group." Well, guess what? This could be done for about $5 per month.

Anonymous said...

Just WHO are these 800 Democrats that make the decisions for 335,000 CTA teachers?
Is there a list somewhere?

Darren said...

I don't know. I wonder if CTA would even release such a list to you.