Friday, November 07, 2008

If You Still Don't Believe Me When I Tell You They're Nuts in San Francisco

From yesterday's Chronicle:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, facing an upstart challenge from anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, running as an independent for the Eighth Congressional District in San Francisco, had 71 percent of the vote to Sheehan's 17 percent with all precincts reporting.

Mama Moonbat received 17% of the votes. Your Honor, the prosecution rests.


Anonymous said...

I might have voted for Mama Moonbat, if given the chance, jsut to try to remove Pelosi from office.

Darren said...

I suggested that to one of my moderate friends who lives in the City.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer Sheehan to anyone else, quite frankly.

Ellen K said...

I betcha there are those in the DNC who would love Pelosi out of office. She's made a mess of things and if something doesn't improve soon, I expect her to be asked to resign her position. So much for experience.

Harvey said...

Anybody who thinks that Cindy Sheehan is the answer to ANYTHING is even crazier than Cindy herself! She's had her 15 minutes of fame so can't she just climb back into the woodwork with the other termites? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

It's bittersweet.
Pelosi needs to be tossed out of office.
But Sheehan is just as bad, and not as politically respected or connected (obviously).

Let's get Condi Rice back to California and ask her to run against Pelosi.
Problem is, she probably wouldn't do it.