Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How Dare You Teach Mere Girls!

I try to be more "evolved" than to espouse the eye-for-an-eye doctrine, but truth be told, that doctrine can bring with it a certain amount of satisfaction.

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — A 23-year-old teacher burned in an acid attack on 15 schoolgirls and instructors wants the Afghan government to throw acid on her attackers and then hang them. Kandahar's governor said Tuesday that authorities had arrested 10 alleged Taliban militants for the Nov. 12 attack in this southern city and that several confessed to taking part.

Tell me they don't deserve it--assuming they're guilty, of course.



allen (in Michigan) said...

They may deserve it but its better to give them no distinction. Just treat them like the ordinary criminals they are and deprive them of any special status.

For people who seek a special status through their crime the best response to make sure they receive no special treatment.

Mrs. C said...

It makes a lot of sense. The purpose of the attack was intimidation of these teachers and the girls. The purpose of killing the offenders in this manner would be to intimidate others contemplating the same thing, and show that the government stands behind female education.

I just sure wouldn't want to be the executioner... bummer job. :]

Ellen K said...

I don't understand why NOW and other women's organizations aren't demanding that the UN and other international bodies intervene in the subjugation of women. But at the same time these groups give support via costly dinners and fundraisers to those who commit such crimes.