Monday, November 24, 2008

Extreme Environmentalism?

Having a "garbage police" talk to students about the food they're throwing away? If they didn't like or eat it, would it have been thrown away anyway?

This is a bit too extreme for me.


Joel said...

We have people complaining on one side that kids are eating too much, and on the other side that kids are wasting too much food by not eating it. How absurd.

Perhaps instead of making students feel guilty about not eating their fries, the effort might better be served by calling congressmen about easing biofuel requirements on the fuel industry. Perhaps less food might be wasted that way.

allen (in Michigan) said...

There's something reassuringly mundane about a story like this. Despite the claims of the lefties, this is just standard bluenose moralizing wearing a new suit of clothes.

I'm just wondering when the comedians, whose careers will be launched mocking these folks, will show up? They'll be a nice contrast to the current batch of comedians who worship at the same alter as the greenie-weenies.

Donalbain said...

A survey is extreme?