Thursday, November 20, 2008

CTEN President's Op-Ed About CTA's Political Expenditures

Read it here.

While a prior $250,000 donation from the CTA to Equality for All (a coalition of gay advocacy groups which opposed Proposition 8) got some media attention, the general response from the public was mild. However, something about the $1 million infusion seemed to galvanize many, especially teachers.

It seems that the public has awakened to the fact that teachers unions donate millions of dollars of their members' dues to issues that have nothing to with education on a regular basis.

While I agree that it's egregious for CTA to spend extorted dues money on political causes, I disagree with the implication that it would be OK if CTA spent that money on causes related to education. Such expenditures might be more palatable to some, but not to me.

It's the California Teachers Association. Since I have to pay them for the privilege of being a teacher, they should be limited in what they can spend that money on. I assert that they should spend money only on the causes of teacher pay, benefits, and working conditions.

There are enough other interest groups out there with an education agenda, and plenty more with a liberal social agenda. Leave my money out of all of it. Yes, I'm an agency fee payer, so theoretically my money doesn't support these causes anyway, but I have a hard time believing it costs the CTA over $600 a year to "represent" little ole me.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Spending my extorted dues money on causes that have no or a very tangential impact on education is what turned me into an agency fee payer also. I pay over $700 to the OEA/NEA. That sure is a lot to get me a minimal pay contract. At least the UAW members get more money than us.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Larry Sand was President. For a long time there were no names associated with this group that I could identify with. I have much respect now so it's time for me to join!
Could you please give the information again about CTEN?

Darren said...