Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tired of Going Back To School In Mid-August?

So are these people!


Ellen K said...

These are the same things I have been saying all along. Back when we started in early August, six weeks into the term, new kids would straggle in from other states. It was so hard to bring them up to speed. And as for the summer school issue for teachers, that's an absolute fact. Due to our June graduation, we can't take the summer I session at local state universities. Due to the early start date for in service, we couldn't take summer II. I don't know when administration expect us to earn credit hours because during the school year, I don't get out of the parking lot early enough to make it to any of the night classes.

Mrs. C said...

These are the WORST arguments EVER.

"Non-custodial parent issues?"

"Robs" children of back-to-school excitement??

People have childcare issues?

Dang, I thought the job of the schools was... you know... to educate the children. I had no idea it was so important to excite the masses and provide free childcare!!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Ellen K said...

The non custodial parent issue is a big deal because there is no legal way to get around it. If there's one parent who has summer custody in California where school starts later, and the rest of the year the kids live with Mom in Texas, which used to start in early August, the kids lose nearly a month of instructional time. And that doesn't even begin to touch on the tests missed due to flights planned months in advance before testing dates are set. It's a nightmare. A national calendar for school would alleviate that across the board.

Darren said...

The non-custodial parent issue is no big deal to someone who hasn't had to deal with it. For several years when I was in school, my mother lived on the other side of the planet.