Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Third Type of Teaching Credential?

California already has "preliminary" and "professional clear" credentials, and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing is considering a third.

This topic has come to the forefront recently in part due to the statewide increase in the use of experienced teachers as mentors, support providers, master teachers, teacher leaders, and providers of professional development services to other teachers. This increased use of the knowledge, skills and abilities of experienced teachers as peer developers and supporters has come in large measure as a result of programs such as Induction and Internships, as well as local efforts to improve teacher quality in order to improve student achievement. Each of these types of efforts and activities require and/or rely heavily on peer support and development services. Questions have been raised as to whether teachers are appropriately recognized and/or prepared for these types of roles with the existing teaching credential.

Having a master's degree isn't enough. Having either American Board or National Board certification isn't enough. Being recognized as excellent by your peers and administration isn't enough. No, we now need a new and improved teaching credential for master teachers.

Master teachers/mentors aren't recognized already? I guess those stipends aren't enough. We want them to pay for a new sheet of paper that says they can do what they're already being paid for.


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Anonymous said...

What would be cool, would be if you just be paid on how good you were. I envision a professional sports like structure: a minimum salary is ensured, but you can go wherever the money leads.

So someone like Randy Moss . . .supremely talented, yet a waste of air in Oakland, goes to New England and excels, and makes some serious coin.

Except for today.