Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Republicans Anti-Gay?

That bugaboo might be going the way of the dodo.

Keeping in mind that national convention goers are most likely to be party standard-bearers, this data is fairly interesting:

This morning's New York Times has the fascinating results of a poll of the views of Republican National Convention delegates on a variety of issues. The poll reveals that 49% of the GOP delegates support either gay marriage (6%) or civil unions (43%). Only 46% of the delegates believe there should be no legal recognition whatsoever of same-sex couples.

GayPatriot reports that the Log Cabin Republicans have endorsed John McCain, something they did not do for President Bush 4 years ago.

Taking a quick break now that I’ve found wireless at St. Paul’s downtown University Club to report that that Log Cabin’s Big Tent Luncheon here, organization president Patrick Sammon announced that the group has endorsed John McCain for president of the United States.
Looks like a Big Tent of Inclusion to me.

Both links above come from Instapundit.

Update, 9/9/08: Then there's this from the Wall Street Journal:

Political conventions are memorable not only for what the party grandees say, but for what they leave out. What was noticeably absent from last week's Republican gabfest? Gay-bashing.

This is not an insignificant development for Republicans.

It could only be good for Republicans if this trend continues.

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Donalbain said...

If they cna get that on the platform, then hrrah for them. Sadly, as it stands, both major parties in the US are officially opposed to equal rights for homosexual people.