Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Thinking That Some Won't Post What They Don't Agree With

For two weeks now I've submitted this post to the Carnival of Education. For two weeks now it has not been included in the Carnival.

Why would fellow teachers not want you to know that the California Teachers Association opposed a law that would close a loophole that allows certain sex offenders to keep teaching? It can't be that bad of a law, as it passed the Assembly unanimously and in the Senate received only one nay vote.

Why would people want to keep this fact from you? Why, I wonder?


Jenn of the Jungle said...

Well, Darren, this is California right. And unfortunately there are certain groups in California who see sex offenders as poor down trodden abuse victims themselves.

THEY are the victim. And writing a piece on them might be perceived as mean, well now that just ain't PC enough for Californians.

Sometimes I hate my state.

rightwingprof said...

That's happened to me three times. Two of those times my query was not answered. The third said she couldn't fit my article into her "theme" (I don't remember what the "theme" was, but I'm sure it was very creative).

Urban School Teacher said...

I recently found your blog through a comment that you posted on J.Jacobs. Several of your posts are very interesting indeed.

Darren said...

Jenn: I understand. Disappointment can be acute here.

RWP: I remember when that happened.

Urban School Teacher: interesting, or "interesting"? :-) Either way, thanks for coming to visit.

Ellen K said...

Then, of course, there's always the problem in reconciling simply firing pedophiles and the perception by union that all members must be served, even ones who commit felony crimes against children.

Polski3 said...

Censorship of the Carnival of Education ! IMO, this should not happen. Who was it that came up with the Carnival of Educatio.....EdWonk ? Maybe he/she should address it?

IMO, the Carnival of Education should be an open, all are invited forum for the discussion of issues related to education. Censorship should be happening, unless of course, the author submitting the blog piece is not addressing an issue related to education.

Darren said...

You *know* it was EdWonk! =)

I don't think we need a rule. When I hosted it, I asked EdWonk about this specific subject and he said that I could do whatever I wanted. I think I posted everything that didn't appear to be spam or something similar. In fact, I think I even posted a pro-union post or two!

I don't think we should impose rules on people who *host* the Carnival. But by mentioning the subject I hope to illuminate the issue so that future hosts will be more mindful of it.