Sunday, September 14, 2008

California Secretary of Education Resigns

He's the fourth in five years. I wonder why.

Let's start. We have an elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, who runs the state Department of Education. We have an appointed State Board of Education, who sets standards and policies. We have an appointed Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the purpose of which should be abundantly clear.

So what's the appointed Secretary of Education do, besides "advise" the governor on education matters? Not much, to the best of my knowledge. He has no real power and no real constituency. Could be a "cush" job, the way I see it--but not really a job for someone who wants to accomplish something.

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Ellen K said...

I think what you may be seeing is a human form of rats leaving a sinking ship. From what I have read on California's state finances, it's not a pretty sight. Overpriced homes abandoned. Taxes uncollected. Teachers' unions demanding. Who in their right mind would want the job anyway? Maybe they can hire Carrot Top?