Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Teacher-Student Sex Story

So much wrong with this story:

PORTLAND, Tenn. - Police have arrested a Middle Tennessee high school teacher who allegedly had sex with a student.

WTVF-TV in Nashville reports Portland High School math teacher Sandra Binkley turned herself into police Thursday.

She was charged with statutory rape by an authority figure for allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old student on campus during school hours. Al West of the Portland Police Department said the sexual relations happened in March.

The teenager told his parents, who reported the incident to school administrators this week.

It's bad enough that a teacher is having sex with a student. But to do it on campus and during school hours? Ewwwwww!

And if the kid is going to do a teacher, why would he then go home and tell mumsie and dadsie? There's something not being reported here.


Anonymous said...

"It's bad enough that a teacher is having sex with a student. But to do it on campus and during school hours? Ewwwwww!"

I agree. My stomach yet again turns at the notion that this has occurred.

One core point to remember: These pedophiles are not teachers. Their sick abusers who got into a position near children to abuse them. Also: The poor 17-year-old. He was taken advantage of...this is not his crime. He is the victim of statutory rape, just as the article claims.

Mrs. C said...

I would, 20 years ago, have disbelieved this story on the simple fact that kids don't usually run to their moms and dads and tell them about their sex lives.

Now I don't know what to think, but I hope that whatever really happened or didn't happen is made very clear to any judge or jury hearing the case.

You know last I heard the teacher who was too pretty for jail in Florida was waiting tables at Danny Boy's restaurant. No consequences. I know this because the retirees my dad hangs out with liked to joke about her good service.


Darren said...

In some jurisdictions, 17 year olds can consent. I work with 17 year olds all day, and while the law says they're minors, they know right from wrong. The issue here isn't one of mental capacity to consent, in my book, but one of an authority figure.

Also, I'm not sure this teacher is a pedophile. When writing a post on this same topic a while back I learned that the correct designation might be "ephebophile", someone who is attracted to post-pubescent adolescents.

rightwingprof said...

When I was in grad school, I once took a course with a guy who had quite a reputation as a slimeball. He had one chair and a desk, book cases, and a couch in his office. Anyway, I had an appointment to talk with him about my research, but his office door was just slightly ajar. As I got closer, I could see naked legs and hear the panting and moaning, so I left. Not as tacky as screwing a teenager, but pretty tacky, especially during his office hours.

MikeAT said...


I reviewed the Laws of Tennessee and the general age of consent is 18 and there is a statutory rape clause that applies in this case. The punishment depends on her age. Basically if she is 10 or more years older than the student, it’s a Class D felony, 2-12 years. If she’s less than 10 years older, it’s a Class E felony, 1-6. Jail plus fines, loss of career, limitation of future employment (one of the down sides of being a registered sexual offender) and general disgrace.

Now I’m wondering if she thinks he was worth it… if Donalbain and Bloke are going to start anything on this post!? :)

quavita said...

I heard that the boy's parents found a stange name and number in his phone that they did not recognize. They dialed it and got Mrs. Binkley's voicemail. Upon questioning the boy, the truth came out and the police were contacted. When my husband and I went to this school, it had fairly good reputation, but now I homeschool my children.