Thursday, June 19, 2008

As I Sit Back With A Smug Look On My Face

The Goracle's family house uses more electricity now than it did before the so-called green renovations--but it's ok, of course, because he purchases carbon offsets.

Anyone who takes this man seriously is a fool.


KauaiMark said...

If I promise NOT to install and use A/C in my house, do you think AlGore would be willing to buy my summer energy "car-boner credits" to offset usage at his house?

Ellen K said...

It's the same double standard that has been going on for years. I still remember listening to some dumb starlet giving the excuse for Gore's private jet being "he has important things to do." Don't we all....

MikeAT said...

"Anyone who takes this man seriously is a fool."

Please Darren, don’t insult fools by grouping them with Goracle worshipers!

Anonymous said...

That article you linked gives away an interesting tidbit: namely that Gore has 33 photovoltaic panels installed.

To understand why this is significant, consider that we have 18 photovoltaic panels installed on our home's roof. They are nominally rated at 165 Watts, but since they are fixed in place, on a western-facing roof, they only generate a maximum of about 80% of the nominal rating, and that only when the sun cruises right overhead, like at this time of year, in the middle of the day. At other times of the year, the output is greatly reduced. Here in SoCal, we get between 180-200 days of sun each year, give or take; our system generates about 360 KWh/month, on the average. I should add that our system was sized by the installer to accommodate our typical usage, which was about 800 KWh/month prior to the installation of our PV array.

Now Gore's house is apparently in Nashville, which only gets about 100 sunny days per year, on the average. If we assume his 33 PV panels are the best currently available (224 Watt), and that they're installed on a southern-facing roof, etc., his system still isn't going to put out much more than mine (on a monthly average basis)-- if that-- because he only gets 100 days of sun.

I would think if AlGore was serious about saving the planet, he would have ponied up for a much larger array. He's going through nearly 18000 KWh/month AFTER he had the PV array installed.

Clearly the PV array was installed for PR value only. I guess even AlGore has a conscience that pricks him when he's hypocritical.

Neko said...

Come now. Let us not forget the unspoken rule of the Democrat party: "Do as I say, not as I do."