Saturday, January 26, 2008

That Evil Wal*Mart

O, the conflicted psyches that this is going to cause:

More good news came this week for advocates of non-petroleum or alternative energy source vehicles when it was confirmed that Wal-Mart executives are thinking about selling hybrids. Motor Authority reports that the monster retail chain's CEO, H. Lee Scott, is a devout greenie and wants to help automakers get more clean vehicles to the market.
I continue to be a fan of Wal*Mart.


Ellen K said...

Our local birdcage liner had a front page story about why the low cost cars from China are going to cause global demise. So they are cheap, and they are going to kill you. BTW, are the cars Walmart is going to sell from China? Just curious. I am not a huge fan of Walmart because I know how they tie up production keeping other companies from competing for business. And I think the Walmart concept of getting what you want cheap has greatly lowered the quality of what we buy.

b stevens said...

ok being green isnt a disqualifying factor unless you are being senselessly liberally retarded ... yes liberalism is a slight form of retardation and hysteria

i think being green should be common ground and bi partisan

DADvocate said...

Reminds me of when Sears used to sell cars and houses. There's an old Sears house not far from where I live.

allen said...

Another delightful dilemma for the greenie-weenies.

Hate Walmart for being a profit-maddened titan that crushes all before it or praise Walmart for using its immense buying power to bring to market a blessed hybrid car.

Decisions, decisions.