Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Teachers Who Were In The Army

I read this quote today on an email list of which I am a member and have received permission to post it here. The subject at hand was ex-army officers who currently teach.

I think we teach because we've been taught to care about people. The Navy has their boats, the Air Force has their planes. What do we have? People. Growing kids by teaching them is just a continuation of that attitude.

This was in no way a slam against our brethren in other services. It's merely a matter of emphasis.


Mrs. C said...

My son Patrick has a gym teacher who was in the Army and absolutely adores him. He tends to find the smaller or nerdy types (my son is the latter) and work with them a little more on building strength and confidence in the gym. Of course, the goal the teacher set for 25 sit-ups by Christmas break was totally blown by Patrick's emergency appendectomy in October LOL!

But he is an awesome teacher. Even though he's an older fella he STILL has "the haircut!"

MikeAT said...


One of the things I remember Iron Mike Penhallegon for (for those of you non 1/3 AD BN, he was our battalion commander when Darren and I met) saying.

“Mike, it’s something basic you do. If your in the Navy, you sail on a boat. If your in the Air Force, you fly a plane. And if your in the Army or Marines, you lead troops.” He was right on that.

Mrs. Bluebird said...

I teach in a school near a major military base and a lot of our teachers are retired Army (including my best friend). These folks make outstanding leaders and teachers. Any school that has them on the staff is fortunate and blessed.